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prussanic-miscellanea said:

Public transport *tableflip* I can relate to the inconveniences of public transport.

And they charge you a small fortune for the inconvenience as though it’s actually worth that money.

Yup. I spend like $60AUD a fortnight on travel (and that’s a student concession; which means technically I’m not entitle to a seat if a full fair passenger is standing), and yesterday I was on a train so crowded I had to squeeze myself between the back of a seat and the wall (see the red arrows):

I think the space was only about 20-25 cm wide (left image), and there were at least 6 or 8 people in the aisle way (right image), plus another 8 or so in the vestibule behind the door. It’s outrageous.

I don’t know what your transport system is like, but ours is hideously overcrowded, too. In 2014, The Daily Telegraph published this photo in an article about overcrowding (left), but most days, on the suburban trains during peak hour, it looks more like this (right):

The buses are just as bad, if not worse (source):

And, being road based vehicles, overcrowding and over capacity on the buses is so much more concerning - the chances of being in a collision is so much higher on the road, than on rail.

The majority of buses and trains have CCTV, but I can tell you, from personal experience that when there are that many people on a bus, all you can see are heads, and shoulders. Anything could be happening, and the CCTV, nor most of the passengers would be any the wiser (and by ‘anything’ I mean assault, and by ‘could’ I mean did, does, and will continue to do so).

Sorry, that got away from me, and turned into a bit of a rant.

TL;DR: I feel you: public transport is inconvenient, inadequate, shitty, dangerous and expensive.

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