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So my Functional Proteins and Genes lecturer dealing with oligosaccharides formats all of his slides like this:

But all I can think of is:

This reminds me of that marketing campaign NIB Insurance ran with a couple of years ago (it was a shocker):


On the topic of retro powerpoint themes, however, I’ll contribute these:


When giving this presentation, the lecturer actually commented “This kinda brings me back to when I was a student, and I thought this was the greatest, prettiest powerpoint theme that was around. Really trendy at the time. At least it’s not comic sans?”


As a side note, an abnormally high proportion of my lecturers seem to prefer dated electric blue gradients over other themes, apparently? I’ve only included the best two here, but I found at least 5 or 6 different examples from 5 or 6 different lecturers! Is it a generational thing? Who the fuck even knows!

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