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So there’s been a lot of… shall we say, contention over the last day or so, but I would like to bring our attention back to what’s truly important (aside from whether geologists really do all those things with rocks): Fluffy Science Critters.

I don’t own a cat, but I do have a science rabbit, complete with #beakers and shit, which she promptly flicked off her mat the moment I had taken this photo.

look at this adorable science bun! 

“Complete with beakers and shit”

Me: *goes to lab supply store*

Me: Do you have like… beakers and shit?

If i ever open up a lab supply and reagents store i am definitely calling it Beakers and Shit. I call dibs on it. It’s gonna be the next Sigma-Aldrich I am certain of that. 

I would buy my lab gear at Beakers and Shit over Sigma-Aldrich any day.

Thank you for supporting “Beakers and Shit ©”

As a small private business we rely on your support and feedback. We are happy you chose our businesses for your science and lab needs supply. You can support us further by dropping by our blog @beakersandshit and following.

With best regards,

Mr. Rudescience,

The fact that my throw away tag for like, pictures of beakers has spawned a more elaborately joke about lab supplies is wild

Well. We started with some plastic shot glass beakers, a temperamental rabbit, and a hashtag, and look where we are now.

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