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Sign Language Resources for Australians (Auslan)

I don’t know if someone has already done this, but learning AUSLAN is on my list of things to do, so I though I’d compile a list of resources.

Auslan Signbank

The Auslan Signbank provides a dictionary and videos of Auslan signs, as well as links to classes

Sign Planet

Sign Planet has a whole bunch of work sheets, flash cards, games all based around Auslan, although some areas appear to require a subscription. It also has resources for NZSL, BSL and ASL.

RIDBC Auslan Tutor Key Signs

The Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children has an app, which includes   150 of the most common key phrases in Auslan, as well as videos on how to form the signs. It’s available for iOS here and Android here.

The RIDBC also has a more comprehensive Tutor app, which is $20 for Android, and $39.99 for iOS

If anyone wants to reblog and add more Auslan resources, that’s cool.

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