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Serendipitously ironic songs on my Zombies, Run! Playlist

Ellie Goulding - Anything Could Happen

After the war we said we'd fight together
I guess we thought that's just what humans do
Letting darkness grow
As if we need its palette and we need its colour
But now I've seen it through
And now I know the truth

That anything could happen
Anything could happen

This song makes the list, in part, because at first listen, it doesn't seem to be zombie relevant at all. The way the lyrics are sung tends imply that the 'anything' which could happen is something innately good.

Unless, you listen carefully to the surrounding lyrics. Zombies, Run! depicts a world at war, human banding and uniting to fight and survive against a common enemy... Mostly, of course, there are exceptions to this rule, with the rift between New Canton & Abel being one such example.

But generally, that's just what humans do. The truth is that the world of Zombies, Run! will never be the same as it was before the outbreak, and this makes the meaning of "anything could happen" all the more apparent.

Everything Everything - Cough Cough

Cough cough. Yeah, Cough cough, so Cough cough, um... CoughCough, wait a second -- (x4)

And it's creeping its way through my windows

And it's slithering under my door

And it's in my peripheral vision

And it's pourin' up under my floor

And it's whispering into my eardrums

And it's telling me that I want more

But I'm coming alive, I'm happening now, I'm coming alive, I'm happening now

Ok, so zombies don't creep, or slither or whisper, but they do cough (perhaps you can see where I'm going with this.) To be told by Sam that you've got a zombs on you tail and then to have this song play is both hilariously, and freakishly appropriate. It somehow is capable of conveying this sense of infection and disease, that is associated with zombies, whilst still providing a great beat and electronic-y-ness guaranteed to get you running.

This, and the obvious references to zombie reanimation with the chorus with the lyrics "I'm coming alive", all make this a kicking Zombies, Run! song.

"First a cough, then a rattle, then a moan. That's how you know the dead are walking."

- Runner 8

Madeon - The City

I can feel the city crumbling around me
I can’t seem to find my way
But I can see a bright light calling through dark night
Hoping I’ll find my way

I can feel the heartbeat underneath the concrete
Just like a kick drum plays
Running in a straight line guided by the street lights
Pushing the dark away

This song makes the list for it's references to crumbling cities, heartbeats and running. Derelict, zombie-ridden and abandoned places populate the world of Zombies, Run! and often runner 5 is sent into these unfathomable wastelands for supplies.

As with almost all the other songs on this list, it is the contrast between the upbeat, electro-pop-y-ness of this song and it's seemingly appropriate lyrics, which provides it with smirk-inducing irony.

The Presets - Youth in Trouble

Seen pictures that I pray I never had to see
Like the ṗros make me so uncomfortable
God I’m terrified of youth in trouble

Go hide, run for your lives
The world’s on fire because of the youth in trouble
Run, hide, fight for your life
The kid’s alright,
It’s just youth in trouble

Zombies, Run! allows s a peek into a world in turmoil, with the last remnants of humanity left to scavenge, beg, borrow, and steal for their survival. And if that wasn't bad enough, little by little, the player is gradually exposed to fragments and clues which continually nag at the subconscious.

Who fire the rocket launcher? What happened at Scoobs? Who are the Netrophil? What is the military project 'Greenshoot” that Runner 8 mentioned?

And most of all, what if the virus causing the Zombs isn't an accident, but rather, a more vast orchestration of malicious intent?

Whilst the lyrics of Youth In Trouble, at times, seem to reference riots, it also can just as easily be interpreted in the context of Zombies, Run! For me, Youth In Trouble speaks of the dire situation that humanity finds itself in; a world in which people are confronted with horrors, every day; and one in which running and fighting for life are an 'ordinary' occurrence.

Sarah Blasko - I Awake

I’m awake, no I’m not scared,
Shoot an apple off my head
Fire and ice, all in between
Of this world, and all unseen
No one knows just why we’re here
Embrace the doubt and face the fear
It’s all about the inner search
To be a hunter gatherer

Zombies, Run! is sly and clever in it's execution. The premise of collecting items in order to build and grow Abel Township is the incentive to run. Potentially getting caught by the zombies is the incentive to run faster.

The Runners essentially fulfill the role of hunter-gatherer, hunting and gathering supplies in order to maintain the survival of the Township. And every time the Runners run for Abel, they are forced to embrace and face the fear of zombie attack.

I Awake lyrically mirrors these actions, whilst providing a strong drum-beat to run to.

Honourable Mentions:

Deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapon (Madeon Remix)

Launch your assault now, take it easy
Raise your weapon,

Raise your weapon
One word, and it's over

This song make the honourable mentions list because it's relation to zombies is fairly obvious. After all, what else do you do when you come across a zombie, but Raise Your Weapon?

Yuksek – Always On the Run

This time try
Try it hard to make it better
If you stop me, then
We'll be on our own
We'll be on our own
Always on the run
Always on the run
Always on the run
Always on the run
Always on the run

Again, this song makes the list purely for the continual use of the refrain “Always on the run.” Because that's what Zombies, Run! is about, isn't it?

Vydamo – Gonna Make It

Once you call the feet start running. Not too far to meet you.
And you know all the people come and meet me in The Backroom.

I'm gonna make it.
I'm gonna make it home for breakfast.

Ok, so it's unwise to run at night, with miscellaneous undead out and about, so it's unlikely that a Runner would “make it home for breakfast” but this song is just too kicking to exclude and when you've got a hoard of zombs on your tail, the refrain “I'm gonna make it” makes for a nice positive affirmation.

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